WESTERN CLUB Waterpolo & swimming

WESTERN CLUB Waterpolo & swimmingWESTERN CLUB Waterpolo & swimmingWESTERN CLUB Waterpolo & swimming

About Us


History of the Club

Founder Khaled Bouali created Western Club Swimming and Waterpolo in 2018 to advance the sport amongst youth.  With more than 40 years of swimming and waterpolo experience, he has played semi-professionally and professionally and was a member of the Tunisian National Waterpolo Team. He was instructed by leading international coaches from a variety of countries including Italy, Hungary, and Serbia and Montenegro. 

Khaled has taught all ages ranging from elementary school children to college athletes.  His lifelong commitment and passion for Swimming and waterpolo guides his teaching philosophy.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help kids  become great swimmers and waterpolo players, to develop their character, and to foster maturity. We are introducing the European style of Swimming, playing and competing. Our club focuses on proper swimming and waterpolo techniques, teamwork, creativity, competitiveness, and good sportsmanship.


Club Affiliation

We are affiliated with  the USA Waterpolo Association. Our club registration number is 34000.